Motorola 首部 Honeycomb 平板機現身

Google 已經正式發表了 Android 2.3 及 Nexus S,想不到驚喜會一浪接一浪,於發佈會上,Andy Rubin 還即場拿出了 Motorola 首部 Android 平板電腦作示範,並確定會直接運行再下一代 Android 3.0  Honeycomb 系統,而非剛發表的 Android 2.3。此機規格已知會採用 NVIDIA 的雙核心 3D 圖像處理器 Tegra 2,大家跳轉可以看到 Andy Rubin 在會場示範的片段。雖然未知此機的屏幕實際尺寸,但普遍認為將以 10 吋出售。想買平板的朋友,明年可能真的會患上選擇恐懼,因為實在有太多平板可以選擇。


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10 thoughts on “Motorola 首部 Honeycomb 平板機現身

  1. 我都用緊milestone, 依家真係好掙扎仲買唔買mo記野=(

  2. 只要係google親生仔就一定唔會買錯
    之不過, chrome os係咪即係未出先死?!

  3. Chrome OS for netbooks, Honeycomb for tablets…..

    As for MOTO or not, hopefully there will be a Nexus T or something like that XD

  4. 咁搞法…

    下一部係吾係叫nexus m…

    M for Motorola =.=

  5. Android OS is updated too frequently. After experienced Hero update issue, I must wait for 親生仔. But 10 inches seems too big.

  6. CHROME OS not just for netbook, also for PC too, it is “Cloud” only.
    also, google said before netbook will be replaced with Tablet.

  7. Android 4.0 ice-cream,

    4.1 Jelly, 4.2 Kernel, 5.0 Lemon Tea